About Us

Pawnbroking.com is a pawn shop blog that covers the latest pawn trends. Besides being able to provide you with the latest news and advice, our blog also features a variety of guides and tips that will make you look more knowledgeable.

Thomas Boseman is the author of Pawnbroking.com. A pawn shop owner by day, blog writer by night. When not writing, he enjoys exploring the outdoors with his dog, Roman. Thomas received his bachelor of arts in film from the University of Arizona. A Brooklyn native, Thomas is a lover of filmmaking, motorcycle, and coffee.

The primary audience of our website is a mix of independent jewelry stores and chain store buyers. We also have a secondary audience that includes wholesalers and retailers. These individuals are mainly interested in marketing their products and services to retailers.

We also regularly publish creative content about merchandise that includes a variety of articles and essays. Each of these pieces is accompanied by an author’s note that provides a deeper analysis of the different styles and techniques used in the pawn industry.