How Much Does it Cost for Resizing Rings?

Whether the ring was previously owned by someone else or your finger size has altered, it may be necessary to have the ring resized. Although a jeweler can complete the operation in as little as two hours, if the ring has a complex setting, it might take up to a month. Resizing rings costs within a range from $20 to $60, according to the sort of metal and country. The fee for a more complicated resizing ranges from $50 to $150. Regardless of the design, making a ring larger will always be more expensive.

Types Of Metals Used In The Ring Making

Yellow gold – It is one of the simplest metals to resize a ring. It is the most affordable when compared to other precious metals, but the gold prices are unpredictable.

White gold – The following repair services are recommended: a reapplication of rhodium plating and refinishing (used to keep the gold color).

Rose-red gold – Extremely quarrelsome and prone to shattering at the time of resizing.

Platinum – It requires its equipment for resizing. It has a higher melting point than that of gold, which may lead to more effort.

Titanium – Titanium rings are extremely difficult to deal with. Some of the jewelers are unable to increase the size of these rings.

Tungsten – These rings are difficult to resize.

Factors Responsible For Determining Resizing Rings Cost

Ring Thickness

The one is straightforward. The thicker rings are more expensive the resize will be. However, there are a few other factors to consider when determining how thick the band should be.

Is your ring’s bottom flat? The term “European – or euro – shank” refers to a ring with a flat bottom. Most people love it because it reduces the chance of their ring spinning on their finger. Euro shank adds to the cost of resizing because the corners increase to greater metal weight.


The cost of resizing a ring with many stones is greater than that of a ring with fewer stones. If gemstones or diamonds are set along the sides of a ring being sized down, they will almost certainly have to be reset as a result of the change in the curve part.

Type Of Metal(s)

The sort of metal in the ring affects how simple or difficult it is to resize a ring.

Larger Vs Smaller

The more new metal needed to expand a ring’s size, the more costly the operation. Some jewelers will try to stretch metal, but it is not advised.

How To Get Your Ring Resized

Even if it costs you a lot of money, having your ring resized from a jeweler is the best option.

It is never more expensive to have a resized ring than it is to have the entire piece replaced if it comes off due to being very loose or to get cut off due to being very tight.

Are you not sure if your ring is the correct size? This is not as apparent as you would believe. Because they aren’t accustomed to the sensation of a thinly tight, complete-fitting ring, most men wear their rings too loose. Go to a jeweler to have your rings sized. All, they are trying is to make you feel comfortable with your jewelry, and they will be pleased to inspect your fit.

Selecting a jeweler

When a ring is resized, there are a number of things that can go wrong, including the formation of a weak area in the metal and loosened stones. It’s crucial to employ a reputable jeweler. Here are some suggestions for locating an expert:

  • Look for local jewelry stores – Locally owned businesses are run by expert jewelers who have spent their whole lives in the trade. They’re your best bet for an honest assessment.
  • Consider a mobile personal jewelry maker – A reputable jeweler may sometimes go from job to job and offer personalized attention, including bespoke repairs, in your home.
  • Ask friends and family – Find out who their jeweler was and whether they were pleased with the work if they’ve had their ring resized.
  • Request the metal cutout – Ask the jeweler to return the extra piece of metal that is cut out if you’re having a ring sized down. Keep this in a safe place in case you need to have the ring re-sized. Resizing a ring is not required every couple of years, but it will save money on the next work. Experts, on the other hand, advise against resizing a ring too often. Your finger might change as much as half an inch day by day.
  • Don’t go for the cheap option – If your ring is significant enough to be resized, don’t go with the cheapest jeweler.
  • Listen to your instincts – If a jeweler or salesperson at a jeweler appears uninterested or preoccupied, go somewhere else. Look for a jewelry store that is as passionate about the ring as you are.

How Jewelers Resize A Ring

Making a ring smaller generally costs less than making it larger because there are no additional materials to purchase. To make a ring narrower, jewelers may:

  1. Cut the band in the rear.
  2. Remove the appropriate amount of metal.
  3. Solder the two pieces together again.

To make a ring size bigger, jewelers may either:

  1. Stretching of the metal (we do not recommend this in any situation).
  2. Cut the band, then add a bridge of extra metal to re-join the pieces.

The amount of additional material required has a significant influence on the overall cost.

Does Resizing Ring Damages It?

When you enlarge or reduce a ring size, the spot where the jeweler removed and then soldered the metal becomes marginally less robust. However, if the material is of excellent quality and the resizing is done effectively, there is little danger of injuring the ring. There’s a significant danger of damage if you resize a ring beyond this point, especially if the diamond and other precious stones are affected by the sizing increase as the setting is tightened.

Resizing is rarely necessary. Some materials, on the other hand, are too fragile or hard to resize properly.

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