Where Can I Sell Antique Lamps?

You are in the attic cleaning out your old belongings when you discover a box of antique lamps. They’re not what you were looking for, but it would be worth giving them away or throwing them away because those vintage or antique lamps could sell on eBay to someone who wants them more than me.

Selling prices depend entirely upon their style and craftsmanship and how long ago they were made – some very expensive ones can go up into thousands if done right by an expert collector like myself. The market has grown beyond just collectors/historians only; modern design trends have created demand, so customers will always come around wanting one type.

For those who have an eye for the perfect lamp, it’s easy to find one. People are on a hunt for that antique light; they can’t live without it.

As the hunt for that perfect antique lamp intensifies, it’s important to know how and where to sell your lamps to get top dollar. There are many different venues out there – some specialize more than others, depending on what type of item they have available. Still, all offer great opportunities as long as an object or artwork is worth its weight (no pun intended).

Selling Lamps – Tips for More Successful Sales

The world has become more digital with high tech lights taking over as well, so if you’re looking in general or even trying your luck at selling some lamps from home, then consider these tips:

  • Look locally first – If anything specific (like colors) sticks close by, potential buyers may know what color palette matches their space perfectly.
  • Consider highlighting fixtures’ features when listing them online, like shape/designs, etc.
  •  Put together packages containing accessories.
  • An antique lamp should not be cleaned. It’s possible that cleaning done by an amateur can cause harm and result in a monetary loss.
  • Please do not alter the lamp in any way; leave everything as it was.
  • Cover it in a bubble wrap sheet and double-box it to deliver or move anything.

How to Find Antique Dealers for Selling Lamps?

Many antique dealers worldwide buy antique light fixtures, including antique lamps. Several websites deal in antiques exclusively. Some online antique shops only take certain antiques, while others take pretty much anything old enough to qualify as an antique. The best way to find antique dealers is through your local yellow pages book under “Antiques Dealers.” You should visit antique shops in your area and ask them if they buy antique lamps.

Once you’ve found antique dealers who are willing to purchase antique lamps, visit their antique stores before you bring any lamps into the shop to sell antique lamps. This way, you will determine what prices they pay for antique lamps before you take the time and effort to drag the antique lamp somewhere to sell it. Be sure that antique lamps are clean, undamaged, and work properly before you take them in or try selling them yourself.

Selling Antique Lamps: Is Selling on a Website Worth the Trouble?

Some online websites offer antique lamps for sale, so this is another option that might be worth exploring if there aren’t many antique dealers in your area interested in buying antique lamps from you. However, using a website to sell antique lamps might limit the money you can get from antique lamp sales.

It is not as convenient as meeting antique dealers in person and selling antique lamps to them rather than sending antique lamps through the mail. Many antique dealers will offer more money to inspect antique lamps before purchasing them, so there is no reason not to find a local antique dealer who offers good prices for antique lamps and only deals with that person or business.

Inspecting Lamps: The Basics of Lamp Care

A well-lit padded surface is a must for this step. Examine the lamp with care and make notes about materials (brass, glass). Specifics such as whether it’s red or hand-blown glass in addition to any marks on them like manufacturer stamps/signatures from artists who created these pieces during different eras could be useful when pricing your collection at auction later down the line.

To get into detail, inspect all aspects, including condition: does anything appear missing? Are there cracks that have developed over time, giving away too much exposure where moisture might enter if left unchecked before long; are there chips driven deep enough by sharp objects nearby, making them visible even?

As you search for antique lamps on the Internet, Amazon, and eBay, let’s also take a look at sites that specialize in this kind of product. Searching through these can give us more information about what we are looking for and where specific pieces might be located locally or abroad. With all this research completed, it is finally time to contact our dealers.

I would recommend contacting those who sell secondhand items often because they will most likely know better prices than even an experienced buyer like yourself after doing some browsing around themselves just recently too :).

Old Antique Lamps: Worth the Money, or Not?

If you’re unsure whether your old antique lamps are worth anything, take the time to do some research. A little investigating will give you extra cash and find the right home where your lamps can suit well and shine bright.

Check out antique fairs and antique shops in your area for antique lamp owners looking to sell their fixtures. You should always get a good price as antique lamps may go for anywhere between $50 and as much as $10,000, depending on what type of restoration work needs to be done.

Antique Lamp Shops

If you live near one of these shops, it is worth going to. You will often find that there are many antique dealers at these shops, so you’ll have a wide variety of people who will be able to tell you what antique lamps are worth.

Selling Antique Lamps Online

There are many antique lamp collectors out there, so one option is to sell your antique lamps on a website such as Craigslist or eBay. You will have to do some extra work to research the going prices of antique lamps, but this is often a good way for people who don’t live near any antique fairs or shops.

Last But Not The Least: Do Some Research

The most important thing you can do when selling antique lamps is to make sure that you know how much they’re worth. Look up the model number online and see if it’s been sold recently at any antique fairs or shows, check prices of similar antique lamp fixtures currently on sale, and see what antique dealers are offering as a price for antique lamps.

Before you sell antique lamps, it is important to do your research. If you want to make the most money out of your antique lamps, then make sure that they’re in nice condition and even consider getting them restored before trying to sell them. This way, not only will you make a good return, but you may also attract more potential buyers who are looking for antique lamp fixtures that have been restored or fully dismantled so that they can be used as parts.

Now that you have some tips about selling antique lamps, go ahead and give it a try. Who knows? You might find yourself with a little extra cash from antique lamps that you got for free. Good Luck!

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