Best Pawn Shop Guns in Las Vegas

North Las Vegas is home to some of the best pawn shops in Nevada. Our top 3 list includes only those shops that meet rigorous 50-point inspection criteria, which includes customer reviews and ratings as well as general excellence from other customers who’ve been there before you.

  • Bargain Pawn

Since 1986, Bargain Pawn has been a family-owned and operated company in North Las Vegas. They specialize in weapons, but they also purchase and loan money for other valuables, such as gold, silver, coins, ammo, firearm accessories, and other rare collectibles. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or concerns. Their prices aren’t too high compared to different places, but they might have done better. Their employees are pleasant to work with. They genuinely go out of their way to make their clients feel appreciated and respected.

The shop strives to provide short-term cash needs when you need it most, whether it’s an emergency within your household or something more long-term like retirement planning. It’ll be dealt with quickly by us here.

  • EZ Pawn & Jewelry

If you’re looking to pawn anything in North Las Vegas, go no farther than EZ Pawn & Jewelry. They are known for their quick cash loans. Jewelry, gold, and diamonds are just a few of the company’s commodities specializing in selling and buying. Ninety days/three months and 21 days of the grace period are the loan terms they have to provide. The shop’s manager is Kyle. He’s a personable and competent businessperson. They expedite your process and make it simple. When you have any queries about the services, the crew is here to help you. The sales workers provide outstanding customer service and keep a clean and well-organized shop.

  • Super Pawn

One of the well-known pawn shops in North Las Vegas, SuperPawn, provides quick collateral pawn loans depending on the value of your collateral and a large selection of previously owned goods. They may be found in Centennial Village, a neighborhood in the northern part of the city. Your possessions will be bought and sold quickly and confidently at this pawn shop. Throughout the lending procedure, their helpful employees support consumers with a smile. They have 60 locations around the country. It’s possible to take advantage of the layaway option offered by this retailer.

  •  Max Pawn

Max Pawn is the best place to buy high-end designer goods, like Kate Spade handbags or a Louis Vuitton trunk. You can find anything you’re looking for at Max Pawn, and their inventory has everything from low-end designers up to extreme luxury items such as Hermès scarves and watches worth more than some people’s homes! The workers here have always been very friendly, making shopping easy going.

No one feels intimidated by overzealous customers either. Instead, it feels like family when entering this store with its pleasant environment filled with electronics equipment and shoes/watches, etc., making every visitor feel welcomed upon arrival.

There’s no better place to find good deals on pawnshop-quality items than at this family business. The owner is always around and will go out of his way for you, which means that even if he doesn’t have what you want in stock today or tomorrow. You’ll still come away happy.

  • Discount Gun Source

The people at Discount Gun Source are very knowledgeable and kind. Customers are happy with the prices. They sell their guns which are unbeatable, with friendly service as well! You might want to check out this store if you require either a firearm or hunting gear because it’s hard not to; there will always be something new every time we walk through those doors. If you are heading west on Tropicana Road, take it up towards Fort Apache, then make a right when possible before turning onto 21st Street North. As you approach the back corner of a nondescript building, there’s an overhead “DGS” sign. Make sure to call ahead and schedule an appointment before driving down here; they’ll likely set up your time later that day.

  • Peacemakers Firearms

I believe that buying a weapon should be a joyful experience, which is why The Peacemakers Firearmswas created in August 2013. They strive to ensure that everyone is treated with the utmost dignity—a Christian-owned weapons and accessories business in Las Vegas. Friendly service, reasonable rates, and helpful advice are all expected at this establishment. To obtain it for you, they will do their best to do so. Also, they purchase, sell, and exchange used weapons. Go there if you’re looking for individualized service and attention to detail. They act as a unit. Everyone is so welcoming and kind. Peacemakers Firearms is one of the best gun shops in Vegas.

  • Lock N Load Guns

Lock N Load Guns is a one-stop store for all your weapon and accessories requirements. Among Las Vegas/Henderson region gun shops, they have one of the most comprehensive collections of pistols. You may also find AR-15s, AK-47s, and shotguns at this store, as well as all the components you need to make your bespoke weapon. All of your NFA products may be handled by this Class 3 dealer.

Armed forces and law enforcement personnel may save money on Glock, Sig Sauer, and Daniel Defense guns when they shop at Lock N Load. Concealed Carry Weapons Permits for Nevada and Utah are also available (CCW). Get registered now. They are eager to showcase their new Lock N Load shop website. Their friendly team takes all of your athletic goods requirements.

  • Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

“Pawn Stars” is filmed in this town. In addition to jewelry and memorabilia, they also deal in antiques and collectibles. Open 24 hours a day. 

So you’d want to visit the location featured in the television show. It’s a pleasant, clean, and welcoming place, although primarily hawk collectibles. In addition to sports memorabilia and coinage to art and weaponry, there are also one-of-a-kind objects to be seen. The Pawn Stars operate a dining facility just across the parking lot with their identities linked with them. It’s a great area to spend time.

  • John’s Loan & Jewelry

It was founded in 1975. The enterprise was located next to the Four Queens Casino and Hotel starting in downtown Las Vegas. Moving to 1st street, across from the Golden Nugget, was the next step for the company. In the last several years, we’ve moved to the intersection of Sahara and Paradise, which is across from the Sahara Hotel and behind the oldest McDonald’s in Las Vegas. Pawn loans from John’s Loan & Jewelry have the lowest interest rate in Las Vegas at 8%. Founded more than 40 years ago, they are a family-run business. Their specialties are cash loans on valuables such as gold and diamond jewelry and expensive watches. At only 8% a month, they have the best interest rate in town.

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