Do Pawn Shops Buy Phones?

Is it true that pawnshops buy cell phones? Yes, pawnshops do in fact purchase mobile phones. However, each pawnshop has the option of whether or not they buy cell phones. The answer may differ depending on if you want a loan rather than simply cash.

Important Factors Determining The Worth Of Your Cell Phone


The most significant aspect when it comes to calculating the price of a phone is its age. Every year, or sometimes twice a year, most phone providers release a new smartphone. As a result, after several years, most phones become extremely inexpensive. Typically, after a phone has been out for three to four years, its value has dropped low enough that it isn’t worth our while to make an offer on it.

Brand Name

Some models of cell phones are more popular than others. It is just the truth. That is why we stick to the most well-known brand names. At this point of time, we only buy Apple and Samsung phones at this time. We occasionally acquire a newer LG, Motorola, or other brand smartphones; but it is uncommon. The reason for this is simple: Apple and Samsung phones retain their value better than other brand names.


The price of a phone is determined by the condition of the device. You can’t expect a phone with a broken screen to be valued at the same as one that is in excellent working order. This is not just restricted to shattered displays, though. Broken screens, malfunctioning buttons, and functions, burn-in screens, partially or totally nonfunctioning Touch IDs, and everything else that might not work on the phone will drive down its value. This is something to remember if you’re selling us a phone with a problem. Most of the time, we can still accept it, but the value is reduced.

Activation Eligibility

There are some phones that are simply unable to be used on particular networks. For example, if your phone is financed, stolen, or has a bad ESN for any other reason, the value of your phone will be severely restricted. You can get money for your old phone, but this isn’t the case if it’s not eligible to be activated. Phones that aren’t in high demand and can’t be sold at their complete price are only useful for parts.

How Much Do Pawn Shops Can Pay For Your Cell Phones?

When you take your old phone to a pawnshop, you can anticipate to get anything from $200 to $350 for it. Remember that whatever the newest smartphone generation is, it’s going to cost somewhere around $200-$350.

How To Pawn Or Sell Your Phones

You’ll need to prepare your phone before you go to the pawn shop. Here’s how to do it:

1. Back up the data on your phone and encrypt it so no one else can access it.

2. Delete your phone data and then reset it to its original factory settings, ensuring that all of your personal information is erased.

3. Remove your phone from the Android Device Manager or Find My iPhone (if you have one), so that your position will no longer be tracked.

4. Determine the present value of your phone before you go to the pawn shop so that you’re ready to bargain.

5. Bring a photo ID with you, and get on with your thing!

Can You Pawn Your iPhones?

Definitely yes. Your iPhone X/XR/XS will be coveted by pawn shops. At pawn shops, there is a huge demand for big electronics. Pawnshops will pay you for your phone and are likely to sell it quickly.

Do Pawn Shops Accept Flip Phones?

Yes, an old-school flip phone may be pawned at some pawn shops. However, smartphones from recognized brands are most likely to bring in the highest bids. That’s because smartphones are more desirable, whereas flip phones are less popular and have a lower market value.

Is It Possible To Sell Android Phones On Pawn Shop?

The pawn shop will perform an IMEI check to ensure that the phone hasn’t been stolen and is no longer owed. If you try to pawn or sell an Android device that has not been fully paid off, it will be disabled from being able to be activated on any cellular network and will have no monetary value.

Is It Possible For A Pawn Shop To Acquire A Locked iPhone?

In a nutshell, yes! However, it is solely up to the discretion of the pawn shop whether or not they purchase cell phones. They may also take into account why you’re getting rid of your phone.

Is It Possible To Get Money For Old Cell Phones?

At the ECO ATM’s stationed inside Walmart stores, old cell phones can earn you money. You may now donate old cell phones, ipads, and cellphones to any Walmart store. Cash is available in minutes, and the better the condition of your phone, the more money you will receive.

How Can I Locate A Cellphone Pawn Shop?

We can set you up with a cell phone pawn shop. Simply post your goods on PawnGuru to get started, and local cellphone pawnshops will compete for your handset.

It’s that straightforward, actually! Now that you’ve discovered a pawn shop or two that takes cell phones, it’s time to figure out how to sell your phone.

Let’s move to it.


Smartphones have evolved into the one thing that everyone can’t live without. Everyone has one, and they replace it every year or two. When attempting to sell or pawn your phone, keep in mind that the condition, name brand, and activation capability will all influence how much we can offer you.

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