How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For A Flute?

If you have a used flute on your hands that you no longer want to keep then the biggest question on your mind is probably how much you can sell it for. After all, most people do not want to give away a flute for free, even a used one.

Secondly, you’re probably thinking about where you can go to sell the used flute. And as far as selling used things go, pawn shops are normally the standard option. But you may be wondering if pawn shops are typically interested in used flutes. Now let’s discuss the answers.

Do Pawn Shops Buy Flute?

As a rule, pawn shops are usually very interested in buying musical instruments of all kinds. And flutes are no exception to that rule, as they are fairly popular instruments and normally sell for a good price.

Pawn shops aren’t too choosy when it comes to musical instruments as long as they feel that they can sell them. If there’s a market for it, the flute is in good condition, and you can agree on a price then there is no reason why a pawn shop wouldn’t buy a flute.

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For A New Flute?

At a pawn shop, you can exchange your property for various types of items, such as jewelry, firearms, and electronic equipment. The broker will typically give you around 25% to 60% of the value of the item, while the owner receives nothing in return.

A Pawn shop will likely pay $250-$300 for a beginner flute, and around $500-$600 for a high-end flute. The amount that a pawn shop would pay for a new flute would be based on the market value, and then they’d select a price that would insure them a profit.

    Market Values of Flutes                          Market Value (Low End)    Market Value (High End)
                Beginner                    $500                  $1,000
      Intermediate/Step-Up                  $1,400                  $2,500
          Entry Level Pro                  $2,500                $2,500+

So depending on the market value of a new flute, the price a pawn shop would offer would change. The market value of a new flute fluctuates due to many different variables including the level of instrument that it is, beginner, step-up, professional, etc.

And you should always keep in mind that the amount a pawn shop will ask for an item will differ slightly depending on the pawn shop you choose, different ones will have different pricing. Although they are all normally similar.

How Much Would A Pawn Shop Pay For A Used Flute?

A pawn shop would evaluate the flute’s value first and then give you a price. So not only does the answer to this question change based on things like was mentioned above but also new variables as well.

Although you should note that you can expect for the value of any used item to be cut in half from the price that you purchased it at. So if your flute cost you $1,000 then you would expect to sell it for $500. It might be more or less, but this is a good rule of thumb.

The best way to find out how much your used flute would sell for would be to go and ask a pawn shop owner for their estimate. This is the most accurate method, but you can take steps to figure out the value of your flute yourself if you’d like. By taking a few things into consideration.

What Factors Go Into Valuing A Used Flute?

There are many many factors that go into valuing musical instruments such as cleanliness, accessories, boxing, how much use the item has had, and more. A pawnshop owner will take note of all these things.

  • Cleanliness, if you want more value for a used flute then you’ll need to make sure it’s as clean as possible when you take it into the pawn shop for evaluation.
  • Accessories, if you have any attachments or add-ons that you think would add value and you’re willing to sell those as well then take them to the pawn shop with the flute.
  • Boxing, if you still have the original packaging for the flute then that can add value.
  • How much use the item has had, there isn’t much you can do about this but it is something to keep in mind.

How Much Would A Flute Sell For Online?

In this day and age, there are many online platforms that are used to sell items as well. And some people may decide they’d like to sell their product there instead of at a pawn shop. Keep in mind though, that selling your item in a pawn shop is much easier than online.

Although there is no set price for how much you’ll be able to sell a used flute for online, here is a table of some common prices from different sites that you might decide to use if you choose against the pawn shop. And remember your price will fluctuate depending on the flute’s class.

    Common Prices          For Flutes          Facebook           Marketplace              eBay        Craigslist 
        Used Flutes        $50 – $1,000        $40 – $1,000    Not many listed

With this information, hopefully you were able to decide where and for how much you want to sell your flute, whether it be used or even brand new. But if you need more information before making a final decision then getting an estimate from a pawn shop would be your next step.

And remember that if gaining cash is your objective then choosing a pawn shop would be best, because you’ll get your money a lot quicker than if you try to sell an item online. Because online selling requires considerable more luck than selling something to a pawn shop.

Furthermore, if you decide you want your item back for some reason then you have a greater likelihood of being able to buy it back from a pawn shop than an online customer. These are just a few extra things to keep in mind.

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