How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For AirPods?

Apple is famous for producing intuitive products such as AirPods to improve user experience. The average price of these headphones in used condition is $120 with a charging case.

Many pawn shops allow you to pawn or sell your AirPods for a reasonable price. This is helpful because Apple does not allow you to sell the product back to them.

If you want to know more about how much pawn shops pay for AirPods, continue reading.

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For AirPods?

Pawn shops pay about $36 to $60 for used AirPods without any damage such as cracks or dents. If the item is damaged but still turns on, you can get about $9 for it. A pawn shop also pays $1 to $4.50 for AirPods that don’t switch on.

All the earlier prices are primarily for the headphone pieces without charging cases. The price also depends on the type and condition of your AirPods.

A pawn shop will also consider the type of AirPods before offering you a quote. The best way to make the most money is by selling or pawning the latest version.

What AirPods Get The Most Money At Pawn Shops?

AirPods Pro is the latest version by Apple and will get you the most money at pawn shops. Other models are relatively outdated and discomforting for extended use.

So you will not get much money for your AirPods Pro 2nd gen or 3rd gen pieces. Here is a table for better understanding:

TypeAverage PriceCondition
AirPods Pro$50Used but not damaged
AirPods Pro$20Used but damaged
AirPods Pro$2.75Not working
AirPods (2nd or 3rd Gen)$36Used but not damaged
AirPods (2nd or 3rd Gen)$9Used but damaged
AirPods (2nd or 3rd Gen)$1Not working

You can also sell your new AirPods Pro to a pawn shop. The store will offer you about $80 to $100 for the two headphone pieces.

Meanwhile, you will also get about $50 to $60 for the charging case. Some shops may offer a higher figure than this.

This means you can get about $130 to $160 for your new AirPods Pro from a pawn shop. Remember, a new condition means that the headphones must not be used.

The shop will also pay you relatively high if you show a sale receipt to confirm the AirPods are original. Price will also vary depending on whether you are selling or pawning.

Difference Between Pawning And Selling AirPods To A Pawn Shop

Pawning AirPods means you will be giving the item as collateral for taking a loan from the shop. So you can get your product back after paying the relevant amount of the store in the given time window.

Meanwhile, selling means, you will be giving your item away forever. It is not taken as collateral so the shop can sell it to other customers. This is the primary difference between pawning and selling.

Another difference is that pawning will get you lower money than selling. This is because the shopkeeper cannot sell your product to other customers.

However, the rule applies only till the agreed time. If you pawned the item for two months, you would have to pay back the amount within this time.

Taking more than two months will nullify the agreement between you and the pawnbroker. So they can sell your item at any price to any customer without notice.

Most pawn shops also allow you to sell only the latest AirPods, such as the Pro version. High-demand items are preferable and will help you get more money from the pawnbroker.

If the pawn shop does not offer good money, you can also check online platforms. Comparing the value on different sites will help you.

Comparison Of Selling Value Of Used AirPods At Online Places

A used AirPods Pro pair can be sold on eBay for $120 with the charging case. You will get $50 to $60 for the two ear pieces and $60 for the box. It also depends on you whether you want to sell the entire set or not.

Meanwhile, you can get about $135 by selling AirPods 2nd gen on B&H Photo. Amazon is the best place for getting a high amount of about $180 for AirPods Pro.

You will also get similar prices at the trade-in programs of shops like Walmart and Best Buy. The exact figure will depend on the used condition.

If you put a listing on sites such as eBay, Amazon, or Facebook Marketplace, you can set the price. Of course, a reasonable figure is suitable because no one will pay exceptionally high for used AirPods

TypeSiteAverage Sale Price
AirPods ProeBay$120
AirPods 2nd GenB&H Photo$135
AirPods ProAmazon$180

It is also best to understand how pawn shops determine the price for AirPods. This will allow you to sell the item at its best value and get a relatively high amount.

How Do Pawn Shops Determine Prices On AirPods?

The top way pawn shops determine prices is by checking the item’s condition. If it is used but still in new condition without any damage, you can expect a good amount.

Meanwhile, cracks and dents will significantly lower the price. The authenticity also matters so the shop may ask you to show a receipt if they doubt the piece is not original.

Some pawn shops offer only $1 for fake AirPods, while some can provide $60 if they consider the piece to be real. The edition will also play a role in the price.

AirPods Pro sells at a higher price than other models because of high demand. They are the best sellers of Apple, so people buy them more frequently.

A great way to sell AirPods for a high price at a pawn shop is by refurbishing the item. Fix the damages before taking the headphones to the shop.

You should also ensure no cracks or dents are visible at the time of sale. Selling the item with a wireless case will also raise the price.

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