How Much is My iPhone 13 Worth?

There are four models in the iPhone 13 series with slightly different features. All of them were released in 2021 at different prices.

Knowing which iPhone 13 will get you the most money is also advisable. This will help you determine whether the device you have is worth selling or not.

The average market value of an iPhone 13 with medium storage (256GB) in a good condition is around $540. An iPhone 13 with the highest storage (512GB) in mint condition is around $680, while the lowest storage (128GB) in poor condition is around $320.

iPhone 13 Resale Market Value Based on Condition

iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB$1,110$1,030$840
iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB$1,010$920$650
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB$940$820$590
iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB$880$760$520
iPhone 13 Pro 1TB$980$880$720
iPhone 13 Pro 512GB$860$770$550
iPhone 13 Pro 256GB$810$710$490
iPhone 13 Pro 128GB$750$630$400
iPhone 13 512GB$680$610$440
iPhone 13 256GB$640$540$360
iPhone 13 128GB$580$480$320
iPhone 13 Mini 512GB$620$560$480
iPhone 13 Mini 256GB$520$450$430
iPhone 13 Mini 128GB$450$400$310

iPhone 13 Mini Online Resale Market Value

iPhone 13 Mini128GB256GB512GB
The Whiz Cells$440.00$490.00$580.00
Gadget Traders$380.00$420.00$470.00
Cell Tech$350.00$400.00$450.00
Save Gadget$230.00$330.00$400.00
Sell Locked$290.00$350.00$380.00

iPhone 13 Online Resale Market Value

iPhone 13128GB256GB512GB
The Whiz Cells$520.00$600.00$680.00
Cell Tech$500.00$540.00$640.00
Gadget Traders$450.00$490.00$550.00
Sell Locked$420.00$460.00$500.00
Save Gadget$300.00$310.00$420.00

iPhone 13 Pro Online Resale Market Value

iPhone 13 Pro128GB256GB512GB1TB
The Whiz Cells$650.00$760.00$840.00$970.00
Cell Tech$660.00$750.00$810.00$930.00
Gadget Traders$580.00$640.00$700.00$800.00
Sell Locked$580.00$670.00$720.00$760.00
Save Gadget$400.00$410.00$520.00$690.00

iPhone 13 Pro Max Online Resale Market Value

The Whiz Cells$770.00$860.00$990.00$960.00
Cell Tech$780.00$860.00$890.00$950.00
Sell Locked$710.00$770.00$830.00$900.00
Gadget Traders$680.00$740.00$820.00$900.00
Save Gadget$400.00$450.00$560.00$620.00

Average iPhone 13 Prices on eBay and Amazon

Most sellers on online marketplaces tend to mark up a little bit for profit. If you’re thinking about selling your iPhone 13 on eBay or Amazon, you can also mark up a little bit depending on your urgency to sell. However, you will have to make some effort to write an attractive description and decorate your listing.

iPhone 13 (512GB)Online SiteValue
iPhone 13 MinieBay$731
iPhone 13eBay$834
iPhone 13 ProeBay$1,023
iPhone 13 Pro MaxeBay$1,252
iPhone 13 MiniAmazon$678
iPhone 13Amazon$845
iPhone 13 ProAmazon$1,190
iPhone 13 Pro MaxAmazon$1,367

How Much Can You Pawn Your iPhone 13 For

Smartphones are considered popular items at pawn shops due to their high demand. You can expect to get around 50% of the resale market value of your iPhone.

Pros: It is an instant sale. You can go in and get your money and get out right away without the hassles of finding buyers, communication, negotiating, and shipping.

Cons: You will get less money for your iPhone. If you don’t have urgency, selling it on online marketplaces like eBay will generally get you more money for your iPhone.

Pawn shops often demand Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones. You will generally get more money when you sell your iPhone to pawn shops instead of pawning it.

Difference Between Pawning And Selling iPhone 13 To A Pawn Shop

The advantage of pawning your iPhone is that you don’t have to worry about finding customers when selling to a pawn shop. This is because every store will be ready to buy your phone.

Pawning an iPhone will not get you more than a few hundred dollars. The figure varies, but you’re likely to reach about $500 if your negotiation skills are top-notch.

So they cannot sell it unless you fail to pay the given loan in the agreed timeframe.

How Do Pawn Shops Determine Prices On iPhone 13?

A pawnbroker will consider your phone’s model in the series to determine its value. The individual will also consider the internal health of the device to understand its performance and ease of selling.

Here are the details of various factors that help a pawnbroker determine the price of your iPhone 13:


The model of the iPhone in the series affects the price most significantly. iPhone 13 Pro Max is bigger with some additional features. So it will sell at a higher price than other versions.

iPhone 13 Mini has been designed to offer customers a reasonable option. So a pawnbroker will give you the lowest price for it compared to other models.

Meanwhile, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have the same features, but the latter has one additional camera. This is why it has a slightly higher worth.

Outer Condition

The condition of your phone’s body is essential for determining the price. If the screen or your iPhone’s back is cracked, the device will be categorized under poor condition.

Meanwhile, dents and scratches will put the phone in good condition. This is why you should get rid of these issues to sell the iPhone in mint condition.

Internal Health

The internal health, such as battery life and performance of the phone, also affects the price. If there are any issues with the device’s charging, you should get it fixed before selling the phone.

You must also ensure your iPhone 13 does not lag on unlocking the device. If the pawnbroker notices the issue, they will offer a relatively lower figure.

Market Value

Many pawnbrokers evaluate the device properly before deciding its worth. They also check online platforms to understand the market value of the phone.

eBay is the top platform that most pawnbrokers use for checking the market value. You will not get a higher figure than the maximum market price.

So you should also compare the selling price on online sites before visiting a pawnbroker. This will allow you to negotiate better using accurate information.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of iPhones is an integral price determining factor. You will get more money for a device with higher storage because such a model is easier to sell.

Most customers don’t prefer to buy iPhones with 64 GB space because it runs out quickly. 256 GB is the optimal option for most users.

You must also check the market value according to the storage space of your iPhone. This will prevent you from quoting incorrect information.

It is also best to remember that there is a significant price difference between pawning and selling iPhone 13.

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