Why is the Cuban Chain So Expensive?

Cuban connection chains have become an iconic symbol of opulence. This 18-carat gold chain costs $27,000 and making a single of the most expensive chains would take more than five veterans over ten times as long as it does to make one. Jewelry manufacture may take more than 12 hours, so how do Cuban link chains get made, and why are they so costly? One must spend 14 hours a day running hot steel through machinery in order to make them. Then you must twist it by hand and then file it through the hand, and polish it by hand. You are not only wearing chains; you are also wearing someone’s blood, sweat, tears, and passion on your neck.

Why Are Cuban Chains So Expensive In The First Place?

Cuban chains definitely do not have to be pricey; especially if you’re buying a Cuban chain made of precious metal. Buying a gold Cuban chain, for example, may be costly depending on the grams, metal purity (24k is more expensive than 10k), and thickness. 

In today’s environment, a gold chain may not be a priority for everyone. The goal is to get a chain that will retain value; a fake plated gold chain provides no actual advantage. Despite the fact that it may be easier to obtain a plated chain, you are losing money by doing so. There is, however, an alternative: a Cuban link chain that increases value. Purchasing a solid sterling silver Cuban link chain is another option for obtaining and retaining value. They’re easier to come by, and it’s a precious metal that keeps its value. If you don’t want to break the bank, sterling silver Cuban link chains are a fantastic alternative to buying a gold chain.

Why Are Cuban Chains So Popular?

The Miami Cuban link chains are extremely fashionable, and for many people, they are a symbol of prosperity. Custom-made Cuban chains of gold abound among many rappers and hip-hop musicians. The design is basic and clean, making it appropriate for both business casual and street attire. The design will never go out of fashion, and it has always been an ageless item. It’s a memorable shape that makes a statement for everyone who wears it. Despite its simplicity, the chain has some significance. The chain design is not a passing fad; it is a must-have!

Have you seen any hip-hop musicians’ photographs or music videos? Yes, they have a Miami Cuban link around their neck. Everyone who has a chain collection needs the Cuban link.

So What Makes Cuban Chain A Bit Pricey?

Chain Links Come In A Variety Of Styles

Occasionally, the price is driven by the sort of accessory you’d want to buy. Necklaces, for example, are generally more expensive than bracelets since they require additional chains, which is true with Cuban links as well.

These, however, are not the ones we’ll be discussing. The Miami Cuban Link and Prong Link are two different types of Cuban link styles.

The most popular Miami links are the traditional ones that feature distinctive oval and round interlocking designs. In the 1970s and 1980s, these link forms became popular among Cubans and the people of Miami. 

The Prong Cuban Link is the second type. Its chains are tailored on bracelets and necklaces, although the only difference is the sharper and deeper cuts due to its particular woven-squared design. 

The Prong Cuban link is one of the newest styles to become well-known in recent years. 

With regard to the price difference, the chain-link type is not always the premium indicator. But which type has the most costly title: Jay-Z’s 11 pound Miami Cuban Chain, which costs $200,000?

Cuban Chain Link Composition

Cuban chain links are considered to be rather expensive due to their association with gold. Cuban links are frequently created from a variety of metals, with yellow gold being the most popular.

It refers to gold with a purity of 10-22 carat, which is known as karat. As a result, the more gold used, the more costly it will be. 

The style of Cuban chain link jewelry has also started to use different gold colors, such as white and rose-colored gold. As a result, scarcity is another element that contributes to its rising popularity on the market. 

Some builders have even started experimenting with rainbow color variants or tri-color combinations. 

How They Are Made

Today, store-bought Cuban link chains are manufactured in China, Italy, and the United States. Handmade by a few Miami businesses, however, the most costly, therefore the genuine ones

A single link chain may be rather pricey, but it is a popular choice among aficionados. Cuban link chains are regarded as the Ferrari of gold chains by enthusiasts. They’re really time-consuming and dangerous to produce. For melting the gold and forming it into a bar, crew members operate with 1000 degree flames. You might lose a finger or two if you make a mistake; these events have occurred in the past.

The gold bar is stretched thin after it has been formed by passing it not less than 12 times through a rolling machine. In the process of making one Cuban link chain, nine jewelers work on it individually. The wire is then wrapped around a copper pole to form the link shapes before being flattened once again. 

It’s simpler to form smaller chains because a jeweler may use a drill. When it comes to thicker pieces, however, two people are required for the operation. The most difficult and complex stage is then soldering, which involves heating and attaching the two pieces together. 

The jeweler must strike the correct balance of flame and technique to weld well and permanently close the connection. Because gold is a soft metal that requires mixing with other metals, jewelers must exercise extreme caution, accuracy, and skill.

The High Demand

Finally, the popularity of Cuban chain links is another factor that contributes to its high cost. Despite its price, individuals have been exchanging links Cuban chain since the 1970s, when it was first recognized in the hip-hop scene.

Today, hip hop is more popular than it was approximately 45-50 years ago. You don’t have to look very hard to notice that the most prominent piece of jewelry worn by famous hip-hop artists is a Cuban chain link. 

With its intense demand, we might characterize the Cuban connections as being more than simply a fashion statement or a cultural icon for success, wealth, and luxury.

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