How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For A TV?

Pawn shops are famous for buying various items such as iPhone 13 and watches. A store will also allow you to pawn or sell your latest LED TV.

The average price of a new 55-inch flat-screen TV is about $500 in the US. If you want to know how much you will get for selling a television to a pawn shop, you’re in the right place.

Here’s all the information you require.

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For A TV?

A pawn shop will pay you an average price of $50 if your TV is less than 26 inches. Meanwhile, you can get $200 or more if your screen is more than 42 inches. These prices are mainly for the latest LED TVs instead of CRT TVs.

The average resale price at a pawn shop is always 20% to 30% less than the original cost of the TV. However, the percentage difference may be higher depending on the pawnbroker.

ModelAverage Price
26” TVLess than $50
32” TV$37 to $50
42” TV$75 to $200
55” Smart TV$175 to $234
65” TV$318 to $424

As the screen size of your TV increases, the price offered by a pawnbroker will also rise. You may get a higher figure than the average quote if your negotiation skills are good.

Besides that, you should remember that some TVs get more than other models at pawn shops. This mainly depends on the screen size and brand of the TV.

What TV Get The Most Money At Pawn Shops?

A 65 inches TV will always get more than TVs with a small screen size. Due to high supply and demand, Samsung models get the most money from pawn shops. Meanwhile, an Apple TV is the least preferred because of its low price.

BrandAverage Price

These are the average prices for the standard LED TVs of different brands. The screen size has not been considered in the values.

A pawn shop will use multiple factors to determine the price of your TV. So understanding them will help you negotiate a better figure for your latest item.

How Do Pawn Shops Determine Prices On A TV?

The top thing a pawnbroker will check is the make and model of the TV to understand its specifications. Accessories of the item and its condition also significantly affect a pawnbroker’s price quote. Getting the factors right will help you get the best price for your TV.

Here are the things you should consider before selling your TV to a pawn shop.

Make And Model

The make and model matter because pawn shops don’t prefer to buy old models. If you have a CRT TV, you will be lucky to get more than $10 for the item because such models are no longer in circulation, and customers don’t buy them.

Meanwhile, the latest LED TVs will allow you to enjoy the best value for money. Models of 2018 to 2022 sell at a significantly higher price than older versions.

So you should ensure your TV is of the latest generation to get a high price quote. You must also check the accessories before giving the item to a pawn shop.

Screen Size

Screen size is another important thing that all pawnbrokers consider before setting a price. Typically, the shops categorize televisions into different groups. You will get less than $37 for TVs less than 26 inches, while a 32 inches model will get you about $37 to $50.

A 42 inches TV does not get higher than $200 in most cases. However, the final price depends on the pawnbroker and the TV’s demand.

Smart TVs also sell for a high price because of their exceptional features. You must know the correct size of your LED to avoid being fooled by a pawnbroker.

It will also help you negotiate the best price for your TV and its accessories.


Many accessories come with flat-screen TVs. Some models can be attached to a wall using special tools offered in the box. Besides that, external stands are also provided in a TV package to allow it to serve as an LED.

All these things are accessories and will improve the price quote of a pawnbroker. A remote is also an integral accessory that must be given to the shop.

If your TV does not have a remote, its price will decrease significantly. This is because it is relatively difficult to find this accessory for models, especially Samsung TVs.


The condition of your LED matters because customers prefer to buy high-quality models. This means you should ensure the TV is working perfectly and its colors are displaying properly. Some old LEDs may show lines on the screen indicating the device is damaged.

Typically, a TV in mint condition will sell at a higher price than a damaged model. So you must fix all issues with the device before taking it to the pawnbroker.

You should also clean the item’s edges to ensure they are shining and do not show scratches. If the pawnbroker does not see any dents, they will categorize the model in mint condition.

Market Value

The market value of your LED TV is significant when determining the resale price. This is because pawnbrokers decrease the cost by using a percentage difference. The resale price of a TV is usually 20% to 30% of the original cost.

Remember that the price difference increases yearly because your TV gets older. So the pawnbroker may offer half the price of the original cost for a 2018 model.

Meanwhile, you can still get 70% of the original price back if you sell a 2022 LED TV. The best way to negotiate is by checking the average value of your model on eBay or Amazon.

Most pawnbrokers also use online marketplaces as references for determining the resale price.


The brand is another factor that significantly affects an LED TV’s price. Samsung is the most reputable company for this electronic item because of its high durability. Their TVs are most preferred by customers, so a pawn shop will pay you high for your Samsung model.

Unlike iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, Apple TVs don’t have a high market demand. This is why you will not get more than $50 for such a TV.

A Sony television will get you a greater figure than an Apple TV. LG is another leading brand in the electronics industry. Their televisions last longer than most other TVs on the market.

Difference Between Pawning And Selling A TV To A Pawn Shop

The price difference between pawning and selling a TV to a pawn shop is relatively high. You will not get more than $100 if you pawn your item at the shop. This depends on the store, your model’s market value, and screen size.

Meanwhile, you can easily get up to $450 for an LED when selling it to a pawn shop. The high price difference is mainly because of the differences between selling and pawning.

When you sell the item, the pawnbroker will receive full ownership rights. So they can easily sell the model to any customer who enters their shop.

However, a pawnbroker cannot sell your TV immediately if you have pawned it. This is because pawning mainly allows you to get a loan by giving an item as collateral.

So if you pay the loan within the agreed time window, the store owner must return your LED. If you don’t pay the correct amount, the pawnbroker will get ownership rights of the TV.

Selling Value Of A TV Between Pawn Shop And Online Marketplaces

The selling value of a TV at pawn shops and online marketplaces differs significantly. You can earn more money by selling your item on eBay or Amazon. This is because you can control the listing and determine the price.

Meanwhile, the pawnbroker has more power at a pawn shop and determines the final price. You may negotiate, but many shop owners don’t change their quotes to make the most profit.

However, a pawn shop is also more reliable for selling a TV because you don’t have to make an effort to find a buyer. The pawnbroker will always offer you money as long your TV is of the latest generation.

You may not always find a buyer for your online listing. So selling the TV on eBay and Amazon will be relatively difficult. Here is a table to understand the prices:

TVMarketplaceAverage PricePawnshop Price
LG 55” Smart TVeBay$938$703
Samsung 40” TVeBay$492$369
JVC 32” Smart TVeBay$177$136
LG OLED C1 65” TVAmazon$2,267$1,700
Sony A90J 83” TVAmazon$5,200$3,900
LG Class 50” Smart TVAmazon$400$300
Samsung 32” Class TVAmazon$249$187

All these models are average prices of used TVs in mint condition except for LG Class 50” and Samsung 32” on Amazon. These two models are classified as used but in good condition.

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